Stolen Boards/Wetsuit

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NathanMulley started the topic in Wednesday, 3 Aug 2016 at 10:22pm

I had my 6ft 3 Sam Egan Tri fin, 8ft Malibu and rip curl wetsuit stolen from my house at merewether on 22/7/16. Details are:

Sam Egan 6ft 3 Tri fin black fins. Deck is red on outside fading to orange with black trim. Has distinctive drawing of Ganesha the elephant Hindu god in black on the deck. Board is white underneath with the words Sam Egan for Nathan Mulley inscribed on the underside. Had blue leg rope and was in a ocean and earth board back - red on top and grey underneath.

Malibu 8ft white board with two black fins and one white fin and a green leg rope. Has the word SHUE on front and back. Was in a creatures of leisure board bag - blue on top and grey underneath.

Wetsuit is rip curl steamer blue and black with tear along back zipper.

Any help with tracking down greatly appreciated. Contact me by replying to this post.