crew needed for south pacific sailing adventure

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By MID JULY I will leave NOUMEA (New Caledonia) and sail along the splendid WEST coast through the biggest lagoon in the WORLD, to Isle ART. Just for the fun of having gone to this hopefully ARTISTIC Place... Then we (yes YOU too...! You OUGHT to come on this trip...!) WE sail (up to 8 people) towards the Solomon Islands, where we sail to first the capital HONIARA, then along the Island chain (I have already been there with my boat) towatrds the Western end (Treasury Island, Shortland Islands), from where we continue to LOUISIADE ARCHIPELAGO (New Guinea), to PORT MORESBY (Capital of P.N.G.), then through the TORRES STRAIGHT, towards EAST TIMOR (DILLI), and after that towards BALI, ISLAND HOPPING STYLE..., hopefully with a couple SURFERS, cool people, people willing to share the experience, to walk the walk on the wild side! And not just to DRIVE it....

Arrival in Bali latest in October 2010. Boat will be in a harbour there, if some people like to stay on the boat, it can be done in exchange for painting work. The boat will be painted TOTALLY HALLUZINOGENIC, ARTISTS welcome.

As cool as is all sounds... it all happens in REALLY HOT climat! The boat has no Autosteering, so ONE person always has to steer. Like a truck kind of boat. 30 tons. Very safe boat, very experienced captain: Who can be NASTY in safety related issues..., but is quite cool otherwise!

You have to come up with money for your own food, as well as sun lotion, surf wax and five Aussi Dollars a day for general costs related to the boat.

You will be part of the crew, sailchanges etc. even under storm conditions are sometimes required. Good balance is necessary, and an absence of motionsickness would be ideal. Parttimes we will sail continuously for days and nights, therefore a social peacefullness is hoped for.

Nothing for faint hearted...!

Absolute adventure!

Beginning: July 15th.... more or less! Bring TIME, HUMOR and a bit of MONEY.

Gerd Fehlbaum
Captain of "S.Y. LIBERTY"

Please ask silly questions.... (not ONLY!)

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