I found a use for Stand Up Paddlers

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lawsyr1 started the topic in Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 at 5:11am

We can send them waaaaay out the back with polarised sunnies to look for sharks...

Seriously though, this morning there was a few of them that thought they saw one (shark) and spent the morning searching for it... Thank god as I had about 4 of them around me that kept letting their boards go... Was scary and I thought i was going to get hit at some point for sure...

Must have been my day though as they never got me AND I talked my way out of using the transit lane on the way to work and never got fined either...

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1963-malibu Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 at 6:51am

wow, there is a use for those SUP boats. If they see a shark, maybe they can whack it on the head with their paddle. Nice work Lawsyr1

there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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jaffa1949 Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 at 9:32am

Must be something in that!
Down here they are called Janitors or Salmon Watchers.