Do some people give out advice when they should keep their mouths shut?

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hungryhippos started the topic in Saturday, 1 Mar 2014 at 2:55pm

I havent surfed for about 3 months, so I went down to the North Beach(rocky sand break) in Perth with a foamie just to catch a few smaller inside ones so I can get back into it. Also as I havent been surfing much of late, I thought I would let everyone else fight over the main waves while I just go for the smaller left overs.

Later on some guy told me its not a beginners beach and I shouldn't go there. I watched the guys surf there, and there was nothing special about the abilities of those guys out there.

I have surfed Indonesia and I dont think there is anything special about North Beach, its not gnarly, its what I consider to be typical "Perth Kwality". I think its easier to catch waves at North Beach than Triggs (temperamental sand break).

Im very sorry, but I once had the flu in the Philippines, I couldn't hold my breath for more than a small while, yet one of the ex pro's at cloud 9 told me to just fucking paddle, and bobs your uncle, while being sick with the flu I still managed to surf decent cloud 9 waves.

My question is, should I have
a) asked him for his surf instructor credentials?, after all, if he is giving out advice, he must be an instructor or pro
b) should I have taken his advice and gone home too sulk?
c) told him to get over himself?

Is it right to think that even a beginner has a right to have a go?, or is it arbitrary that beginners dont have rights and should be kept down in their place? do these people some how have magical exclusive rights over the place?