"Choking on a Shark Story" Article

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resistarrest started the topic in Friday, 19 Feb 2010 at 8:05am

After read this article Link, I felt disgusted by SurfWatch's outspoken director, so I paid their website a visit - It's a 2nd rate internet site that does very poorly in terms of justifying their business (i.e. listing statistics or facts of shars on Australian Coast lines etc.), I was further disgusted that they specifically ask for fund-raising in order to offer advertisements on their surveying craft - Something in which would provide very little return for a business to offer them $50 K upfront.

Anyway, long story short I wrote to the director (as per the email on the website) indicating that I think his company and his opinions are not held in high regard of my opinion...

The d1ckhead responded with 6 words & a picture:

I shot this just after the attack?
From: SURFWATCH ([email protected])
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Sent: Friday, 12 February 2010 7:46:37 PM
To: ([email protected])

What do you think they are?

Just so you all know, Michael Brown may be contacted [email protected]
What are your thoughts?