Wavejet mis information

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chaoz started the topic in Wednesday, 19 Feb 2014 at 8:01pm

Just to clarify the "exemption" given to Wavejets in Victoria let me lay out the facts Wavejets are STILL classified as a powered vessel and also the PWC catergory.

The exemption ONLY covers the following points

1) The do not need to be registered

2)They do not need to carry safety equipment such as flares and bailers

3) They do not need to have a licensed operator

4)They do not need to wear a lifejacket unless 400m offshore

GOT IT!!!!

They are STILL A PWC!!!!!!!

They still have to obey speed and distance rules near surfboards and swimmers. They are prohibited from entering or launching from PWC exclusion areas, such as


Transport Safety Victoria have granted this exemption but a search of there website does not recognise any wavejet links

Email the Director of Transport Safety Victoria, Peter Corcoran at

[email protected]

and im sure? he will explain why you cant find it and am sure he will email you a pdf of the "exemption" How could he not??

after all its a marine safety issue!

If you see any of these PWC in any exclusion zones, or interfering with surfers and travelling at more than 5Knots within 50m amongst other things,


and make a report. These are the facts. Get yourself a copy of the so called exemption and read it for your self

Get some balls surfers!!!!!!

All i hear is big talk about how p'd off you all are, now heres your chance to learn the facts and enforce the law, stop talking and act!!!

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chaoz Thursday, 20 Feb 2014 at 8:47pm

Well you have spoken!!