Tallows/Byron - Thief warning - 16th Feb

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mucksy started the topic in Sunday, 16 Feb 2014 at 7:18pm

Hi all, Just thought I would share a story with you all for the interests of watching out for fellow surfers.

I'm not from around Byron area but frequently travel up and down that stretch of the coast looking for waves. Today (16th Feb) I decided to check Tallows as it was the only option for waves with this strong northerly around. Had an average surf as there wasn't much on offer and every man and his dog had the same idea.

After the session, I returned to my vehicle and after a few minutes I noticed a guy on a beat up mountain bike blatantly getting on his hands and knees looking under parked cars. I thought this was a little strange so kept a bit of an eye on him. He looked under about 6 cars, pushed his bike to the other end of the car park and the continued to look under more. I was certain he was looking for any car keys stashed under tyres/shocks/etc... I think he noticed I was watching and when he came past me he asked to look under my car as he has ' lost his son's stuffed toy'. He said his son wouldn't sleep with out it.

I thought this story 'might' has some truth to it but completely ruled it out when very soon after he got on his bike and rode out of the car park by himself. No family members were ever seen. By this time I was ready to leave and expected to see him riding along the road back to Byron when I was driving out of the park myself. I didnt see him anywhere.

Keep your eyes peeled and NEVER hide your keys under your car ANYWHERE.

Be warned.

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thermalben Monday, 17 Feb 2014 at 6:03am

Jeez that's a bit suss! Thanks for the heads up.

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zenagain Monday, 17 Feb 2014 at 9:17am

That is a bit suss.

Normally around that area a thief would just take a big rock and smash the drivers side window.