When are you considered a local?

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nathan white started the topic in Tuesday, 7 Mar 2023 at 2:48pm

Interesting incident today at my local which got me thinking.

After recently racking up 10 years with the same company and doing a job that was less than fun I decided (along with wife) to throw in the towel, have a break and then get cracking on getting a new and improved position. Today is the second day of my mini break. I dropped the sprog off at school and headed down for a surf as the tide was high and starting to fall with maybe 2-3ft of swell. I knew there were a couple of good banks as I had surfed these yesterday and last week. Normally I can only surf on the weekend as my previous position was a good 10 hours plus a day working for the evil overlords. Having a good session with about 10 waves caught, paddling back out when I spot a chap paddling for a wave. Thinking he will be going right I stop paddling to give him enough room to zip in front of me. Low and behold he starts to angle left and proceeds to fall off. At this point I don't think anything of it and continue to paddle back out. He then heads over to me and ask me why I got in his way in a rather aggressive tone. Why was I not paddling back out via the channel (this is a 2-3ft beach break). I am not a very aggressive guy but if I feel I have been called out incorrectly I will stand my ground. I process to explain that I was simply paddling back out and that there was ample room to catch the wave. There may have been some fruity language throw in with my response, but I didn't throw in that you had just "kooked" it. Well this went down not very well at all with my protagonist. He proceeded to tell me to go back to where I game from, I am sick of your kind, that he had lived there for 50 years and finally that "I'll go ya". At this point my thoughts were that I should ignore this shit and just get on with catching waves. I caught another wave and a bit sheepishly think that will do it.

This gets me to my question. When are you considered a local?

For further context I was born and grew up a couple of beaches south of where I was surfing today. I have been surfing this beach for over 20 years. My kids goes to the local school and we play with the local footy club. When are you considered a local?

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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 8 Mar 2023 at 12:24pm

Firstly good luck Nathan in the new direction, hope it works out really well for you.
Sounds like that bloke wasn't having a good morning of freedom. Eckhart Tolle mentions a concept called the 'pain body' - that was him extending his pain body to you. Not your problem.
Local? Ummm, yes there's that intimate knowledge of an area and how reefs/tides/winds and the capability to surf it well, and yes there's knowing others there who are at the same places regularly, and a web of friendships I suppose. Peter Andrews of the reclaiming of farm land fame said "It takes them 20 years to forgive you for coming, then 20 years to accept you." lol

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burleigh Wednesday, 8 Mar 2023 at 12:29pm

Prob having a bad day, or he’s a full time peanut, or you’re down playing the situation.

End of the day, who cares either way.

It’s a wave, plenty more to come.

Just say sorry, crack a smile and get on with it.

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freeride76 Wednesday, 8 Mar 2023 at 12:32pm

Yeah, doesn't sound like a localism issue- not many brain dead enough to get territorial over 2-3ft beachies.
bloke having a bad day.

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flollo Wednesday, 8 Mar 2023 at 12:32pm

Haha, this is a funny one. The short answer is never to some people. Some people are very accepting and some are terrible. I travel a fair bit and I surfed all over the place. If there is someone like you just described I just ignore it. I'm not there to impress them or give them joy in life.