Bali East Coast Accommodation

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Mishad started the topic in Tuesday, 7 Mar 2023 at 2:45pm

I'm heading to Bali later in March for several weeks and although I'm familiar with the Bukit setups, I haven't explored the east coast beyond Sanur towards Keramas etc in over 12 years.

I want to do little missions that way for around 5 days at a time and stay in cheap but clean accommodation possibly between Giyanar to Keramas stretch and looking for accommodation recommendations. Local homestays would be ideal with wifi access, bed, mosquito net and fan. Thanks guys.

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spidermonkey Wednesday, 8 Mar 2023 at 2:36pm

I recently stayed at Padi's guest house, Keramas. Was a nice clean room, A/c, own toilet and shower. 200m walk to the beach, excellent value for money. And you're away from all the beer swilling yobs down at Komune!

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mickseq Friday, 31 Mar 2023 at 7:17pm

Next to commune there are cheap
Options, not sure if they advertise, you could try Agoda