Ear advice

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bigredcouch started the topic in Sunday, 29 May 2022 at 6:12pm

Seeking advice regarding an ear situation I’m trying to manage. Currently in indo at the start of what’s meant to be a pretty lengthy trip. Found out about 12 months ago I’ve got surfers ear (90% grown over) that need surgery, basically.

Haven’t had too many issues since then but she’s flaring up over here. Got aqua ear with me and some antibiotic drops (but not using the drops).

Pretty much whenever my head goes underwater the ear fills up immediately and blocks. Obviously I’m aware surfing with ear plugs/blu tac is best way to keep water out - but I’ve never been able to tolerate/enjoy it.

Wondering if there’s any other ways ppl keep water out or ways to manage it or any indo pharmacy magic that’ll keep infection away etc etc.