Beginners surfing advanced breaks

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Kookman started the topic in Wednesday, 15 Dec 2021 at 12:57am

Hi all,

Unsure how many of you know 'gunnamatta' surf beach in Australia. It's nuts. Strong rips and strong surf. Even on small days, it's nuts. So here's the thing ... I'm an absolute beginner that surf's mainly whitewash. I've been to this beach twice. Once I got caught in a Rip and swam across it. Not learning my lesson, I kept going and learned to avoid deep water at the shore. Then today, as my 1 day off, I went again due to it being flat everywhere. I could this time feel it wasn't right for a beginner to be there (I kept surfing anyway). Point is, do you pro's and advanced surfers feel annoyed by people like me? Do I get in your way? Do you feel there's no way I should be at such locations? Usually surf another beach called Ocean Grove, which is a kiddie pool in comparison.