Fiji in December?

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juegasiempre started the topic in Friday, 22 Oct 2021 at 10:21am

I'm loosing it here stuck in QLD! I'm waiting on getting into NZ but that doesn't look possible without quarantine and there's no date or indication atm that it will change. So, instead of waiting around pulling my pud, I'm keen to get out and to hell with NZ. It will still be around in a few years and I can check it out then. Plus.....*flamesuit on* I hate cold water, it's like sex with a condom. Do it if you need to, but ideally don't.

That means going to the Americas! But, I have a 9 month old baby and although well behaved generally, a long haul flight is an unknown. That leads me to Fiji as a midway stop off for a month or so as it's cheap, I've been there before for a very small amount of time and I really loved it. I didn't surf there though.

Given I have a baby and missus, is it possible to camp out somewhere on the southern end of the main island with surf within walking/driving distance? I'm also assuming it's out of season for the swells, but coming from QLD with the N winds and windswell atm, I'm pretty easy to please as long as there's a rideable wave. Given the north season is starting up, is there anywhere on the north of the main island you can surf? Once again, not fussy, just want to get my fill.

Given I'm a tightarse, I'm not looking at island hopping although if it's cheap I'd think about it. Any experience would be welcome. Thanks!