Police enforcement at Westernport beaches

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Point Leo Foreshore started the topic in Monday, 16 Aug 2021 at 12:36pm

Hi Everyone.
This is a heads up. The police have been pulling people over, inspecting plates, and issuing infringements at many of the western port beaches for the past four days. It is reported that this will continue whilst non compliance of the 5klm rule continues to be flaunted by the surfing community.
I am told that multiple individuals, many from hot spot areas across the Melbourne metropolitan area, have been issued infringement notices for multiple offences.
Whilst the chances of spreading or contracting the virus in the surf is apparently lower, the chance of contracting it in the toilets, as you pass each other on the narrow stairs, in the businesses that you visit on the way too and from the beach, is reportedly considerable. Especially considering the number of people we are seeing from all over Melbourne
If the health concerns, or monetary penalty isn't a deterrent, please consider the impacts it is having on the broader community.
There is considerable concern from the local NON surfing communities who are pushing hard for even more enforcement.
I hate to state the obvious, but ignoring the current restrictions will only lead to further enforcement, further restrictions and more pain for everyone.
Take care.
Tony. Ranger. Point Leo