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baliwaves started the topic in Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 10:52am

G'Day surfers and just a quick up date on the year that was or wasn't here in Bali and what we are or are not or maybe expecting for 2021. Well no doubt last year was a write off for most people and for some a hard slog just to keep our heads above the water line, eg pay bills and feed the family. it would have been tough even with Job seeker or job keeper I reckon with the high cost of living in Oz. Here in Indo for expats as much as I don't like to use that word it was tough. But hopefully the worst is behind us now and maybe.. this year we will see Aussie surfers, the life blood of Bali returning and reclaiming their places in the line ups again. Instead of the new breed of kooks that have flocked to Bali to become digital nomads, lifestyle managers or to create a new fashion range with Mum and Dad's money.

A friend sent me a link to a comment from this guy "sypkan" the other day and he really hit the nail on the head with the age of the new breed of self entitled situation. Totally agree with what Sypkan threw down.

I've been lucky I guess, or hope I'm a little lucky anyway. I've been living here in the South Kuta area for almost 26yrs as a surfer / fisherman. Excepted by the local fisherman and owning my own traditional "jukung" fishing boat (reef taxi). So my mates and I have been scratching a make shift living off the sea., and like most other Balinese with a little help from their friends around the World who have not forgotten us.

Now on the Corona virus situation it's been the wild west here in Bali, bugger all testing unless your almost dying. Totally non transparent statistics with the average family armed only with flimsy face masks and soap. Early in the year the streets were absolutely deserted (except the Canggu area) and people had the fear of Wuhan in them them. But after so many months and little to no help most Indonesians are simply just trying to get back to work and live a semi normal life. That's those in the non tourism department, Locally aimed businesses are all running as normal. Tuban, Kuta and South legian are all pretty much deserted still as you can imagine being pure tourism area's. Down at Uluwatu the "new breed" are moving in fast and trying their best to turn it into another Canggu like set up. Bingin also seems to be moving in that direction but a little slower. Probably because of the steps up and down. While Balangan still serves up jaffle's and noodle's etc. You can still find a little of the old style Bali at Balangan, but for how much longer who knows ?

What I have been seeing on the ABC news channel (God help us) it looks like several vaccines are just about ready to start rolling out and Qantas Airline declaring no jab no International flight out of Oz, everyone knows Garuda is the only way to fly to Indo anyway. I think there are exceptions included but I'm sure Scotty from marketing would love to see all vacced. Here in bali every local I've talked to in my area, mostly just fishos and younger surfers are all 100% ready to be vacced. Indo's President is pretty much laying down the law and a 500 (AUD) fine for those that don't take the vacc, and I'd say that's just for starters. My opinion on the "vacc" is that it is people's personal choice, so I don't need any debate or abuse on that subject thanks. .

So as we move into january 2021 we still have quite a few miles to go before we see Aussies back here, real Aussie surfers I mean. Not the special people that own villa's or "looking after a local friends villa" and have pockets as deep as an abyss and moths in their wallets. All willing to spend a fortune on themselves to get here and then start the hard line bargaining routines with the local vendors. But in their minds they see themselves as valuable contributors to Indonesia, not all but most. Nah bring back the real Aussie surfers and for that matter bring back the Aussie bogans, we love ya's all here in Bali.

Yours truly baliwaves

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Supafreak commented Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 11:20am

Thanks Bali waves for your story . Talking to some balinese friends that live on east coast and lembongan they are doing ok fishing and growing food. They have also loved having the lineup mainly to themselves, some of these guys have sponsors which has kept their head well above water ,they are the lucky ones but being balinese they share what they have with their community. It’s good to see ngo’s helping out with food packages and such and the amount of orphanages that are run by Australian volunteers must be struggling financially with no tourists in town . Hopefully things turn the corner in 2021. I’ve probably only got 5 or 6 years of good surfing left in me and it would be nice to get back to indo sooner rather than later. All the best Bali waves and stay loose in the juice .

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goofyfoot commented Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 11:41am

Interesting to hear your perspective Bali waves.
I for one have got my fingers crossed we can return asap. Hopefully things turn around for the Balinese soon

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Blowin commented Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 11:52am

Thanks for the update.

See you soon Bali !

( fingers crossed )

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simba commented Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 2:42pm

Blowin seeing as how your totally against a vaccine jab are you prepared to get the jab to travel?


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indo-dreaming commented Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 4:23pm

Good post where's Sypkan's post?

My prediction on what will happen this year regarding Indo & Covid:

Between 3 to 6 months time Indo will reopen to tourist but you will have to provide evidence of vaccination and evidence of being Covid free 48hrs before flying.

Getting of the plane in Indo you will have to get a quick swab test and temp check anything suss and you will have to go into hotel quarantine for 5 days min.

Surfers from around the world will return to Indo, meanwhile for us Aussie and Kiwi's even with a vaccination, everything will stay the same as currently is, unless you are going for quite a decent amount of time you wont be allowed out and on returning to Australia you will still need to hotel quarantine.

Federal election most likely to happen in August, so can't see them changing this before then, most likely we wont be able to travel freely OS until after Summer school holidays 2022. :(

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fitzroy-21 commented Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 4:28pm

@indo, over on the covid19 thread

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indo-dreaming commented Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 5:14pm

Thanks, ok yeah another good post.