Managing a torn calf muscle and surfing?

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dandandan started the topic in Thursday, 24 Dec 2020 at 6:56am

I had my first good surf in a few months yesterday arvo, and after catching a beautiful, long, overhead wave through to the inside I was going to do the run around to the rip. As I got out I felt a sudden pain, as if I'd been hit with a rock in my calf. I actually checked to make sure it wasn't a shark bite. Had to crawl up the beach, tried to walk it off, sat around in my wettie for an hour hoping it would come good, but alas the doctor confirms I've torn a calf muscle and in his words will need to "keep off it for a few days and then take it easy for at least six weeks - no surfing mate."

A bit shattered to be honest, given that 6 weeks through January is half the Tassie summer and I'd essentially set myself up to have no work on to just surf and bushwalk. Anyone have any experience with this? How long were you out of the water? Did you find you could swim/bodysurf safely enough?