Surf training?

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Lennaerd Van Wa... started the topic in Sunday, 5 Jan 2020 at 5:09am

Hello I am Lennaerd from Belgium and I have a question. Because I live in Belgium and 50km from the coast and the waves in Belgium are not so good. I would go surfing once a month to Wissant or Wimereux (Normandy, France) and also I would BMX everyday (because that’s my second hobby) and do special exercises at home like surfers pop ups, Bosu ball balance exercises and push ups. Do I need to add something more to my “workouts” like swimming? I really don’t like to swim laps in the pool but I am a very good swimmer (swam competitively for 2 years) but if it helps my surfing more I would take up swimming again (twice a week). I hope that you could answer my question and thank you for your time, have a nice weekend!