Have a look at this idea, for the biggest waves ever (yet to be discovered)

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stepheneastwood started the topic in Wednesday, 21 Aug 2019 at 12:48pm

Hey everyone. I was heavily into windsurfing and wave_sailing many years ago and I got to thinking, perhaps the "biggest wave" site in the world is not too far from Western Australia And yet to be discovered. When I windsurfed in the lower part of WA. we would get perhaps every two too five years, a Storm system that would travell around the bottom of the globe , up to three times, (max, rare but max) anyway their are a few Islands down their that are so isolated, that they are only visited by scientists (sometimes) and Patagonian tooth fish, fisherman (and of course low functioning immoral, European fishing Banditos) anyway, perhaps their might be a reef break on one these island that might be a deal breaker. But with a Wave Height and Fetch fro, roaring around for three days , I think it would be utterly, utterly Un-surf-able ?? perhaps some kind of satellite archive of big storms might show a likely break.

Actually I had a weird dream, of people dying in one of these remote locations .. and I get scared when it gets over fifteen foot, (lol) cheers, have a look it might be entertaining to so what is possible. Cheers Stephen.