Need help selecting a board!

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Mattneville started the topic in Tuesday, 30 Apr 2019 at 12:07am

Hi guys, have been surfing for a few months now, and ready to buy a board. I’m currently surfing in Middleton South Australia, usually mushy, fat waves ranging from 1-4ft. I’d describe myself as beginner, slowly now moving into beginner-intermediate. I’m 5’9 tall and weigh 72kg. My fitness levels are good

I’ve narrowed a list below, my main goal is to continually have good wave count but get rid of the softboard, which I’ve been on the past few months and is getting boring. I still want to keep a good size (6’2-6’4) on my board, for good volume, also given my level of ability at this point.

CI Rocket Wide
CI Ultra Joe
7S Double Down
Firewire Dominator
Lost Puddle Jumper
Lost Quiver Killer

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, would mean a lot!!