Early Season Indo: East or West of Bali?

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NEchris started the topic in Friday, 8 Feb 2019 at 2:48pm

Shortly I am going to start an extended period of travel ~1yr. I want to make Indonesia a large part of it with surfing the focus but squeezing in some diving and hiking. Looking to keep it budget mainly with 1 or two more expensive splurges.

I am an intermediate+ surfer who has surfed some deeper reef breaks in the Caribbean and have a fair amount of travel experience (mexico, puerto rico, barbados, portugal, spain, france). Still I haven't surfed any top to bottom reefs like those found in Indonesia.

The first leg of my trip would be April-June and I would likely be. I am debating between lombok, central sumbawa and Rote or Lampung and Java? Also would early season nias or mentawis be manageable if I was in sumatra? Keep in mind I'm planning on being back in the country in august-september.