Wetsuit repairs - advice?

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Patrick started the topic in Saturday, 22 Sep 2018 at 5:43pm

G'day, anyone have tips for best repair of a fin slice, bout 25mm long, about 2mm deep into 4mm of rubber?
It crosses over the stitching but stitching appears to be ok.

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hainanesekook1 Wednesday, 7 Nov 2018 at 10:11am

sounds like a small hole. I think you can get a DIV repair kit from any surfshop for about $25. Or you can ask the shop if it is still under warranty. Ripcurl has one year warranty.

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Ralph Wednesday, 2 Jan 2019 at 9:40am

I bought a tube of Neoprene Queen 5g Glue on eBay from Fixmykite for $6.99 inc postage.

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nomad1 Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 7:39am

After screwing up on a trip and bringing my 2 wetsuits that need a repair rather than the bag I should've packed...I thought it's time to fix them.
My 4/3 had a 5cm split around the knee pad top edge, it was easy enough to fix.

My 6/5 looks more complicated. It's a bit older but haven't used it alot so hoping to save it . In a couple places the seal/tape (not sure proper term) has degraded and now there are some small holes.

The seams look like this mostly

But where it's an issue, like this-

So I've got the wetsuit repair glue I used for the other suit.

Plan was to remove the remaining bits of seal where it's gone bad. Put some glue where the small holes are...then do I try and get hold of some tape somehow, to redo the tape/seal ? Or a thin layer of the glue along the seam ?

Any advice would be great....cheers

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campbell Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 10:43am

Worth stitching it before putting glue on it if you can, some silk thread is best (like what you get stiched up with at docs) but dental floss will suffice (strong and a slightly flexible and very water resistant), Sikkaflex works very well too , the stretch and seal type, cheaper than wetsuit glue and available most hardware shops

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freeride76 Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 12:41pm

I bought some flex tape and and am going to try and seal a wet suit with that.

fixed a wetty that had degrading rubber with glue and patches from an old wetsuit.

pretty ghetto but it works for sunny days when the other wetsuit is wet.