Surfing Aust at Lemoore: waste of money or a good ROI?

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joeyjojo started the topic in Saturday, 28 Jul 2018 at 12:28pm

It looks like everyone that’s ever had a beer with someone at surfing Australia has headed over for a bit of a junket over to slaters wave pool..(videographers, soundassitants, little brothers, dog manicurist’s, washed up ex pro’s & the list goes on)
Does anyone know the overall cost, did they have to pay their own airfare, criteria for going etc. Imagine it’s not a cheap investment.
Only ROI I’ve seen are the same clips on instagram of people I’ve never heard of doing the exact same maneuvers, thanking surfing Australia and the institute of sport for the “opportunity”
Blatant free ride or a valid return of investment for athletes (and hangers on) and stakeholders??