Cudgen/Kingscliff Farmland Under Threat- Help Required

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davetherave started the topic in Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018 at 7:52am

G'day Swellnutters. Hope Stu and Ben support this forum topic.
If you have ever surfed the Southern Goldie and Tweed Coast, you already know how beautiful the countryside is. Behind Kingscliff is prime agricultural land that the NSW govt has decided to build a hospital on. If you like sweet potatoes, this is where they have probably come from.
There was no consultation on this issue. No one, not even the Tweed Shire Council was informed. Behind closed door dealing here maybe. I smell developers close by me thinks.
So very precious farmland will be taken, there has been no community consultation whatsoever, and it will create Traffic and Noise chaos for Kingscliff.
It's not good enough. There are 11 other sites that they could choose as well as upgrade the region's two hospitals and build a smaller facility on the Tweed Coast.
So if you think this is a pretty average performance by the NSW govt, please sign this petition so we can educate the govt on how to create infrastructure with the community's input and get an outcome that really works.
Once that farmland goes and the rezoning occurs, say goodbye to the Tweed's rural feel behind our great beaches
The link is below but it didn't copy so you will have to go to or google Cudgen Farmland.
Thanks alot and may you enjoy some very happy surfing sessions, good vibes, dave

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tubeshooter Saturday, 17 Aug 2019 at 7:06pm

thx for update Ben. I have to travel through there soon . As a former resident of the place I can imagine the chaos.
As for the quiet life , If youve lived any where near the main street in recent years you would have had your'e windows rattled and walls shaken by foreshore construction , main street modification, bridge repair works , endless dirt trucks at all hours , pub renovations etc

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truebluebasher Saturday, 17 Aug 2019 at 10:23pm

Solitude has picked up on a theme. (Here's some Govt tricks to be weary of...)

tbb alluded to Kingy Private Hospital / Uni / Light rail as Whiteshoe Pinups.
Blink & you miss it. The lack consultation allows Govts to rort seaside towns A-Z.

Qld Govt & Council tightly control agenda & timing of Goldie Upzones.
This ensures compounding Rates/Duties & tightens noose on Developer Compo!
Developer Compo is the sleeper ready to blow it's top...Pig's trough is only so big!

Planning & Locals scream [M1] + Train! ...ever delayed & last on all Govt's agenda.
Varsity Station Village has planned shop mall precincts + 8 story res' zones.
Q'Rail $400m Gateway + $30m lay-out has no newspaper stand / coffee machine .
Central East Coast [M1] Mini City has been growing weeds for 10 years. Jobz! WTF.

Trains = Qld made Jobz! + Buses = Gold Coast made Jobz! vs (Tram = foreign Jobz).
22yr Rail freeze + 10 yr Station Development freeze buys Tram's prime upzones.
No coincidence that city cries Rail + [M1] vs Local Paper screams more Tram please.
(Joh) Govt goes as far as banning Light Rail objectors from town Pop Up Displays.

Whereas anything seaboard is fastracked on the down low.(Mates insider upzones).

Govt said No No No [M2] = 'Gazettal' fast tracked on the sly...(No consultation)

High rise takes-over Bhds Tram Stn site + Hi-rises built on proposed P'Beach line?
Fed / State / Local Govts tip buckets of money into Tram despite no Business Case?

Govt said No No No CST in Spit Master Plan = CST supersized & bosses SMP.
6 Waterfront Parks handed over to Super Yachts, Casino & CST (Consult voted NO!)
Council rejects consult bias & convinces all that a Pop-Up Stand almost said maybe.
Govt celebrates theft of Reserves by renaming Spit... 'Gold Coast Central Park'

Gold Coast Mayor sold GC transit centre to supersize his crook Bowls Club deal.
Again planners,commuters & traders say it stinks! Mayor is cleared by bigger crooks.

Developers got fed up with having to notify of their supersized Hi-Rise breaches.

[Breaking News]
Kangaroo Point, Brisbane 3 x 10 story Towers on 8 house blocks. (No notification)
'Code assessable' development does not require community notification.
Right of appeal is also said to be lost! (see: Courier Mail for more)

Note how Govt/Council save on 'biased' consultation phase...(That's so yesteryear!)
Joh style control over all CBD real estate sales +permits for backyard cubby houses.

WA Court ruled Melville Council Wave Pool [Public Notices] denied submissions.

Recap: NSW Govt ...Tweed Valley Hospital consult trickery...

tbb is merely extending awareness over the border as Kingy is in the thick of it!
Clearly your Govt rep no longer bats for the local team...all in Premier Joh's League.
Your right to know shit is now worth shit....Whiteshoestompin'time.