the ol looking for good wettie thread

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saltyone started the topic in Monday, 2 Apr 2018 at 8:49pm

Winter will be here before long and I will need a 4/3. Have an O'Neill one that I got from a mate for $100 bucks second hand-was wrong size for them. But I still feel the cold a bit. Looking for another. Always had Ripcurl but the last one busted in the seam after only 6 months. My cheaper O"neill 3/2 suit also now has holes only after 6 months as well. Pretty damned annoying to say the least. Is this now the norm?? Do all new wetties only last this long now?? It'd be nice not to have to fork out 600 bucks every year. If anyone knows of a great suit I'd be interested to know.. one that is-

1) stretchy and comfortable ( age + cold +paddling can be a brutal mix hehe)
2) warmth ( ability to cope with s.a and vicco winters)
3)durability ( a few years or more lifespan would be nice)

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udo commented Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018 at 3:48pm

Those Arzen suits get good reviews and well priced..

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surfing-cronulla commented Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018 at 4:09pm

Just got an ARZEN 4:3 and so far it is amazing! Arrived next day so took it out in RealFeel 12° C and was actually quite warm!
4-way super stretch limestone chloroprene (neoprene) super stretchy like most these days but strangely very easy to get on and off, compared to Xcel at least.
Currently $259 (RRP $549) is amazing and they're high end wetsuits. Liquid seal tape outer, stress point patches inside (no taping) 3.5mm air cell chest and back panels have air pocket holes (like old QS Fuseflex wetties) and seems to work but my Fuseflex pulled apart back in the day so be careful putting it on.
Noted ARZEN have warning labels on the suit which is a nice touch for those that are not familiar with these type of panels.
Generally I never arc up wetties but this is one of the best I've used in a long time and definitely for the price. WAAAAYYYY to cheap for what you get. OK OK ... I'm still in shock ... Stoked.
Contact Andy he seems nice and very helpful.

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garyg1412 commented Wednesday, 29 Aug 2018 at 4:17pm

Udo Isurus is worth every single solitary cent. Had a 4/3 hooded suit for 4 years now and is still going strong. Surfed for 3 hours last week in 4 degree air temp and only got cold fingers and toes. Like silk compared to cotton!!!

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mattsyd commented Thursday, 30 Aug 2018 at 9:48pm

My expensive Flashbomb 3/2 officially sucks ass. Glad I purchased acheap O'Neill 4/3 as a second.. that's what I've ended up using exclusively so far in Sydney winter and had no issues with the cold.

On the plus side with the amount of cold water that gets in the Flashbomb maybe I'll be able to use it as summer suit.

Would definitely not purchase another really expensive suit.

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VICLB commented Saturday, 1 Sep 2018 at 12:05pm

hi all, after my disappointment with derevko steamer (it's a now a 4:3 spring suit) I was close to going back to name brands, anyway I found Erebus and after a bit of research and mulling decided to give them a go. I have been wrapped with their 4:3 steamer, this winter through VIC (this winter water has really been cold, I never wear booties this year had to during AUG) Their suit is fully glued on outside but not taped this did worry me when I got it but the suit has been great never cold at all. I surfed a Sunday ago in that 40+ knot storm at the Pines... suite was excellent. strongly recommend them.

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SAltySoul commented Thursday, 6 Sep 2018 at 6:11pm

I agree with VICLB…

Erebus Wetsuits look pretty damn good for their price!
I used to design wetsuits for a (poor) living…. The Liquid seam sealing that Erebus use on the outside is by far the best form of seam sealing (High Stretch and will last forever). The problem is that it’s damn expensive and laborious to produce, and there is currently only one manufacturer able to produce it with any consistency - which means they charge a premium for it. Brands I used to work for always sort cheaper methods of seam sealing to put more $$ in their pocket. And with a good bit of marketing spin and a catching marketing name we would pass it off to consumers as “high-end”.

Need Essential use internal taping which is the cheapest method of sealing wetsuits. All the cheap Chinese and asian manufacturers are able to produce this method using either glue or iron-on tape. This method you will be guaranteed to get pin holes in your suit after the first season.

Rip Curl use a 1mm internal neoprene tape in their high end E-bomb (this is basically standard high stretch neoprene which they call “E6 neoprene” - a fictitious marketing term which every brand calls something different). It’s slightly better than standard tape that NEED essentials and others use but still a cheap way to manufacture.

I’d give Erebus a go… with free shipping and returns and 15% discount code it’s a pretty good deal. Need Essentials slug you with taxes and shipping at the “checkout” which not only is my pet hate it also pushes the price similar to Erebus anyway.

That’s my 2cents…. Coming from someone who wears an O’Neil wetsuit;)