Indo in March April??

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mezkal started the topic in Thursday, 15 Feb 2018 at 8:45am

Gday crew, just a quick one. Im doing a quick solo run to Indo for 2.5 weeks end of march start of april and never been that early before. Was thinking of just parking up at Lakeys and maximizing time in the water, havnt been there for 20 odd yrs. Ive been checking the dominant winds and although light , theyre still onshore (W, NW). I know Lombok doesn't mind those winds but Ive always found those waves a bit soft. I mean its only gunna be head height everywhere I spose (??) , is there a land camp in Ments that optimizes these conditions more than most?? Not trying to extract anyones secret spots just thought Id throw it out there. I have surfed various parts of these coasts, from east to west over the years, but only in the dry. Im not expecting much as to not be too disappointed, really just want to get a tube or 3. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions Id be very grateful and look forward to hearing a few yarns. Stay tubed guys and gals, cheers.