Patagonia Yulex allergy

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luckyroland started the topic in Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 at 12:47pm

Hey gang, long time reader first time poster!

Had a Yulex R3 fall apart on me in the space of 6 weeks at the beginning of this year in Chile, which was graciously and promptly replaced by Patagonia upon my return home ("sorry it's broke, we can't fix it?")

Beyond the obvious durability issue, both the original suit and the replacement gave my skin a really severe reaction - I suffer pretty mild eczema but you'd think I'd have been in a fire after hopping out of the surf. It was really disappointing as the suits are hypoallergenic and great for those wth latex allergies - I foolishly hoped that meant 'generally good for people with sensitive skin' which was a mistake!

It all ticked over in my brain for a while before I decided to do some research as to why I had he reaction I did - it didn't take me long to find a research paper from 1981 on PubMed indicating the Guayule plant (base material for the Yulex fabric) contains a severe skin irritant for contact dermatitis - on par with poison ivy! I've been trying to get in touch with Patagonia for over a month about this and it's radio silence.. anyone else experienced something similar? Patagonias unwillingness to engage with me is troubling, particularly as I feel that all I am offering is overly extensive feedback from a loyal customer...
Would love other people's 2c on the matter!!

If it interests you I recorded a brief podcast summarizing my whole experience (15mins or so, find here - )


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udo commented Friday, 17 Nov 2017 at 8:57am

I reckon Glen Casey will engage with you on this
Patagonia Byron Bay.

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crg commented Friday, 17 Nov 2017 at 1:17pm

Case is no longer with Patagonia Byron Bay. Patagonia Australia has taken the shop back under their operations as I understand.

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MMartin commented Friday, 17 Nov 2017 at 3:50pm

Hi Rols,
Matt Martin -National Sales Manager at Patagoina-sorry to hear about the experience you had with the previous Generation of the Yulex suits. I've left you a message with my details on your instagram account, so please feel free to contact me directly.

Generally speaking-we've a robust Guarantee in place to service any issues such as yours-I've included the link here to outline it.

But I'm keen to chat with you and see why you've not heard back from our team.

CRG- Case is still working with us at the Patagonia Byron Store, so you can catch the Guru in there a few days each week.

Have a great weekend-hope you get some waves.