Sourcing Surfing Products

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Deccas03 started the topic in Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017 at 8:53pm


I am wanting to get some branded traction pads, legropes, wax and other hardware for my surf brand Avoca Surf Apparel. i have looked over alibaba and have only found products with minimums of 50+. I need a low minimum as i do not want to spend $800 on one product. if anyone has had any experience in this sort of stuff especially surfing goods, please refer me to some companies/people or even just help out.


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stunet Thursday, 27 Apr 2017 at 10:13am

If you can't find it on Alibaba I've no idea where you're gonna find it. At least not at the price you're expecting if Alibaba are your first port of call.