Thinking of a month at desert point whats it like these days?

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groundswell started the topic in Sunday, 15 Jan 2017 at 3:15pm

The last time i was at deserts some guy staying there had his arm chopped off. He didnt die but it was a horrific story probably flavour enhanced a little bit.
Anyway im thinking either go back to supersuck or desert point or a month at telescopes. Telescopes being the easier wave but i like trade winds spots like ulus padang, supers, g-land and deserts. pretty reliable almost every morning having trades make everything perfect when theres swell.

Anyway whats it like now staying in banko banko or right on the point? i guess you can stay on the point these days without hassles?
Might just be easier than every where else im thinking about as i can bring 1 board even maybe two and its easy to get home. no malaria tablets etc no extra flights.I guess boats rocking up when its anytime breaking might be a problem. Was also thinking heading to red bluff but i miss indo and deserts etc. Prefer those waves a lot.
Can you stay on the point these days? or in banko banko?

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groundswell Sunday, 15 Jan 2017 at 6:03pm

forgetting the brazzos etc they dont bother me that much usually.