Nicaragua Surf Trip

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sandinossurfhouse started the topic in Monday, 26 Dec 2016 at 7:51am

Whats up guys? I am originally from Florida. I moved here to Nicaragua a few years ago. I happen to score this beautiful luxury home located on the beach over looking Punta Miramar. I am running all inclusive surf tours to friends or renting the entire house to groups. We have 5 waves on our beach, point, slab, beach breaks. Have a boat that takes you just 5 minutes to the river mouth of Puerto Sandino and this wave is just insane!! Im here offering a killer deal on all inclusive tours to my place with me. $899 includes your airport pick up, your food, your room and my guiding you for a week here at my place. Offshore winds and tons of empty waves. Check out me and if you are interested email me from my webpage and put found on surf net to receive this deal at 600 bucks off normal price!