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2hornunicorn started the topic in Friday, 28 Oct 2016 at 9:07am

Lookin for anyone who has been surfing in Portugal. Planning on travelling to Lisbon in the next month and wondering if anyone knows of who I could contact over there to help find working breaks, possibly some peeps to surf with, drink beers with ext. Can't take any boards as I will be travelling Europe as well, so looking for places to rent from. Any info on where to start would be sweet! cheers,

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torquooly Saturday, 29 Oct 2016 at 5:27pm

Depends what you're after. Ericeira is kinda like the Torquay of Portugal. Coxos is sick, like Winki with a slab at the top called Ponce which if you make you can get the bombs the whole way through. You'll find heaps of crew to hang with and even more people to surf with if you surf the normal spots. Ribiera D'Ilhas is like Bells and if you ask nicely the bar infront of it will let you sleep on the couches and give you blankets. The Cave is much gnarlier than it looks, watch out.
Ericeira is good if you have E winds, however if you don't have a good weather system go to Peniche, heaps of beachies theres somewhere offshore. If you have time and want empty waves, I'd recommend going South. Arrifana has a sick point break and there's a hostel which is like 15euro a night which has a spa and a bar and a sick skate bowl with pool coping that overlooks a beautiful coastline. Lagos is cool, look up Benagil Sea Cave. Boat drivers will try and charge you money to go to it but it's just around the corner and you can swim there. There's a rad gnarly point break at Arrifana and a beachie, plus around the headlands heaps of waves like Trestles or Possos or something with no one around. However, if you want to go here you'll probably need a car or something because it's not accessible.
Beer is cheap as piss, you can live off the cheap custard tarts, have fun yew !!

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mbl88 Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016 at 9:26am

Ill be in peniche in 2days if your keen for someone to surf with.