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My name is Maxi González. I´m a surfer and a comic scriptwriter. I suppose it was only a matter of time until I would merge these two passions, and share my unconditional love for surfing and the ocean doing what I do best: write comics. I was fortunate enough to persuade two incredibly talented artists to participate in this madness: Juan Martínez Alarcón (illustrator) and Carlos Rios (colorist).

Thus, THE WAVE CONJURER was born – the first of a series of comics and illustrations we want to publish under the label SURF & COMICS. Seeing as we have not found any magazine or publisher willing to buy the comic, we decided to publish it for free on the Internet, across all platforms interested in sharing it, and are now launching a Patreon in the hopes of raising enough money to continue our comics about surfing.

If you are interested in read the comic:

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Thanks and good waves!
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