Congo BodyBoard Review

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ExtremeBodyBoarder started the topic in Saturday, 6 Aug 2016 at 3:29am

I recently purchased a board from Congo Body Boards- The Bullet 46”. I wanted a board that was versatile enough to allow me to ride prone, DK and standup in all wave conditions without breaking the bank.

Where I ride-

I mostly ride two different beaches- Bethany Beach, Delaware and Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Bethany Beach is known for its shore-break waves. On an average day you will find 3-4 foot waves at this beach. I mostly ride prone there because of the shore-break conditions. Wrightsville Beach is a great place to learn how to surf at, because of its slow rolling waves. The waves are rolling, which makes it really easy to learn standup riding, especially on the Congo Bullet. These waves are about 3 feet on average, and they crash far out in the ocean.

My Riding Style / Features of the Board-

Before purchasing the Congo Bullet 46”, I exclusively rode prone. I am pretty good at prone, as I have been riding it for so long. My old board was very maneuverable and allowed me to easily pull off a 360 and some other tricks.
The first time I rode my Bullet 46” I was surprised by how different it felt compared to my old board. It has 3 graphite stringers, making it WAY stiffer than every other board that I have ridden.

The board also has really deep channels, which makes the board ride in the direction that the nose is pointed. When I got into body boarding a few years ago, I often found myself heading in the direction of the wave, and not necessarily where the board was pointed. For example, if I turned my old board to the left, the board would continue to head in the direction of the wave, not where the board was pointed. As I improved my riding skills, I was able to learn how to control the board better. But speaking from a beginner’s standpoint, the Congo Bullet is so much easier to maneuver and control, as it rides true to the direction of the board.

My favorite thing about this board is its rocker. For some reason, I think that this feature makes the board extremely fun to ride. I don’t know much about how rocker affects the board’s characteristics, but I have noticed that it makes the board ride a lot slower when you are in the pocket of the wave. However, the rocker does make it a little harder to catch the wave because it creates more drag thus making the board slower. I also have noticed that the rocker helps to keep the nose slightly above the water to prevent a nose dive when dropping into the wave.

How I Like The Board-
I was surprised by how much different the Congo is from my old board. Upon riding the board for the first time, the high quality of the board is apparent. Everything from the deck to the slick bottom is made out of the best materials. For example, something that would have ripped straight through my old board’s bottom doesn’t even phase the Congo’s slick bottom as an obstacle.

As I said earlier, before purchasing this board I exclusively rode prone. After riding the Congo for about a week now, I have learned how to ride standup and dk. The board is extremely versatile, as it is good for every style of riding, especially standup. Learning standup on it was extremely easy, as it only took me two days to successfully ride my first standup wave. The board is extremely buoyant, and easily supports my weight. The graphite stringers, high quality deck and deep channels make it a really good board for standup. I have ridden on many Beater Boards, and I used to think that they were the best thing ever, that is until I rode my Bullet 46. The board is made out of materials that are a lot better quality than the Beater’s. In general, I just like the riding characteristics and maneuverability of the Congo more.
The board is extremely forgiving, and is great for any type of rider in any and all wave conditions. I would recommend this board to anyone looking to become a better boarder. It is a great board to learn on, and it is a great board to get better on.