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Nick Bone started the topic in Wednesday, 9 Dec 2015 at 10:28am

Just a couple quick questions in relation to winds in vic. (Morn Pen specifically)

1. In winter say we have a north wind blowing throughtout the with no change predicted. In the arvo it will more often than not just swing NW. I would almost go as far to say a winter seabreeze.

2. Summer pffshores are 9/10 times accompanied by SE seabreezes. Which i understand kinda how seabreezes work. But on some stinking hot days it can stay offshore and shouldnt that mean its begging for a seabreeze.

3. Also most of the time when we have light variable winds. It will almost always get stronger from any given onshore direction in the arvo?

Seems like the afternoon is a bitch for good winds. Being a tradie its get on ya nerves a bit :)