Vic Weather Patterns

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Nick Bone started the topic in Friday, 18 Sep 2015 at 1:36pm

Just wondering that with last weekends conditions, this weekends forecast and next weekends forecast (long range but still) that weather patterns in victoria are some sort of cycle?

Last weekend was N-NE through out the duration, this weekend is looking similar and next weekend (just looking at craigs forecaster notes) winds will be around the easterly mark (better than a northerly here on Morn Pen).

I was theroy crafting in my head and was thinking maybe the cycle for say 5.3 days so that at some point your gonna get consecutive weekends of good surf (and vice versa i guess).

Once again my question probably has a multitude of answers and as per usual its hard for to get the question in my head out in way that people can understand haha.

Cheers anyways!!