All Time Bells

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ColinT started the topic in Friday, 7 Aug 2015 at 3:11pm

I have noticed some forums suggest that Tim Bonython made "All Time Bells". Some of his websites and blogs cause some confusion. Tim Bonython used the name All Time Bells to promote his hotel screenings AFTER the release of the film. The only genuine "All Time Bells" was filmed, edited and produced entirely by me and it is about to be re-released on DVD. You will be able to purchase DVDs of all of my surfing movies ie. "ECSTASY", "ALL TIME BELLS" and "THE LEGEND OF BELLS" before the end of this month.
I can be contacted at [email protected] or direct on 0433 877 766. Emails are checked daily.
Colin Turner.

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udo Friday, 7 Aug 2015 at 7:51pm

Good one Colin. Very Naughty of Mr Frother if what your saying is correct
Whats the cost of your DVDs ?
It was Colin Turners Idea to have a Bell as the Winners trophy .

Colin put the link up to the Surfd magazine article.