Bali boat trips

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jcooka started the topic in Wednesday, 23 Oct 2013 at 7:16pm

Hi guys,

Me and a mate are heading to Bali end of Jan early Feb and are keen on a few days away on a boat to surf some less crowded spots... Does anyone know, or can anyone recommend any specific companies or tours, and if they run that time of year? We are thinking of a few days in Kuta and a few in Lombok but have no idea what would be the best way to go about it.


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groundswell Friday, 25 Oct 2013 at 12:27am

i dont think the boats that do deserts /west sumbawa operate that time of year as most of the time the winds are SW and lombongan, west lombok and west sumbawa need se winds mostly.
you can score good days though.

Also a lot of the spots need lots of swell. much smaller swells and often flat that time of year.

lombok kuta is popular that time of year with lots of places to stay and theres waves around there if you have a look around.
Some boats might do that area or south coast sumbawa as well which gets a lot of swell.
Sumba gets a fair bit of swell with lots of wet season waves and rivermouths. most boat charters in that region start around feb march i think.
id go land personally, exploration and discovery is one of the best parts of a surf trip.

South coast sumbawa and sumba are dangerous in the wet, south coast sumbawa roads can be death in wet season with many unsurfed spots due to the road conditions.

id take you on a land based somewhere trip if you send me a private message.

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groundswell Saturday, 26 Oct 2013 at 5:02am

That new boat seems to do jan feb for bali- sumbawa area, if you want mentawais and other areas theres more boats on that site and from other travel agents that will go up there that time of year. The others dont seem to go earlier than mid feb. They usually take at least 7 days in bali area.
There are also private yachts and boat charters around in benoa harbour or lombongan sometimes available.
A good few books to read include "low pressure guide indonesia and indian ocean" or indo surf lingo and "surfing indonesia" by leanard and lorca lawrence, which is really dated yet in the end somewhere had lots of unknown private yachts and boats that could still be operating to go anywhere you want for how long you want.
If not hit up a few shops in kuta or theres often guys on motorbikes selling trips for boat trips try to 1/3 there price if it doesnt seem legit. or 1/4 including t-shirts and anything off the street haggling is needed in bali and everyone gets stung somewhere by wallet inspectors.
In food stalls and proper stores the prices are most often set prices.
However too many westerners try to go too cheap imo. kind of scum really.

G-land rights (or lefts) has a few fickle sections that could be worth a trip for a day or two with the g-land express boat or others.