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How did the short-lived ASP (WSL) Power Rankings come about and end?
Some suits from the ASP contacted me and pitched the whole idea. I was a bit perplexed from the beginning, and kept asking them if they were really sure they understood what they were getting into, and they thought they did. I guess they wanted to bring some passion and controversy into the sport?

Anyway, it all turned out pretty much like you'd expect. They never filled me in on the details, but I suppose someone important had their feelings hurt and complained to the powers that be. They pulled the power rankings down about a day after they'd put them up. I reckon it's pretty rare to get hired for and fired from the same job so many times. On that note, Surfline asked me to do the Power Rankings again at the end of last year, and I figured what the hell - why not? If nothing else, the irony appeals to me.

The good folk at Surf Careers currently have an entertaining interview with Lewis Samuels on their site. Worth a read for fans of Samuels and Post Surf.


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stunet Wednesday, 25 Feb 2015 at 11:16am