Perth.....Why ?

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Blowin started the topic in Sunday, 8 Feb 2015 at 9:15am

Oh Perth surfer, I pity thee
Such a swell rich coast yet your waves remain twee
Battling hordes of poms to ride your stinking shoree
Here's some advice , I'll dispense it for free

Oh Perth surfer, you need not endure
Waves riddled with crowds, waves made of manure
A short drive north or South and the fuckwits are fewer
And you won't feel each day that you're drowning in sewer.

Oh Perth surfer, why don't you move ?
Leave your traffic and close outs and find a new groove
Your mind will calm and your nerves will soothe
Cause let's fucking face it, you've got nothing to lose

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Blowin Sunday, 8 Feb 2015 at 9:19am

I could go on but I'd best get out there . A twenty knot onshore ain't going to make the knee high close outs any prettier. And it's going to be 40 degrees.....looks like I picked the wrong day to quit drinking.

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thermalben Sunday, 8 Feb 2015 at 12:39pm

Never you knew you had word skillz, Blowin. I'm impressed.

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Blowin Sunday, 8 Feb 2015 at 12:44pm

They say misery is the driving force behind most art. After a couple of days here I'm writing poetry , what's that tell you about Perth ?

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bobhawke Sunday, 8 Feb 2015 at 2:15pm

the only good thing about Perth is getting away from the joint! Having said that not much swell up or down the coast today.

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groundswell Thursday, 12 Feb 2015 at 9:34pm

Glad I moved away from there except there's not so many nice ladies up here, hehe
Perth is full of lovely friendly ladies. This place isn't. But the surfs better. A beach near here I reckon rates near boodji quality maybe better.
Uplift was right about the trees, the only two trees in gero are both sideways.