Quad fins for sweet potato ?

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uncle_leroy started the topic in Saturday, 28 Sep 2013 at 10:55am

Hey fellas,
Just wondering if anyone has any experience with quad fins for a sweet potato ?
Would like a set of fins that's going to hold nice and firm as its always the case your out mucking around in 1-2ft summer days and then all of a sudden the wave of the day/sessions is staring you in the face and your wishing for your normal shortie.
Board is a 5'8", weight 95-100kg, 6'1" height.






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fitzroy-21 Saturday, 28 Sep 2013 at 12:29pm

@leroy, I don't have a sweet potato but a similar style board at 5'10" and I'm similar height & weight. I've just started using Shapers Quad-E in the L and have found them really good for me. If you can borrow/hire a set and try them out it may help.


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indo-dreaming Saturday, 28 Sep 2013 at 2:04pm

I have a baked potato Ive swapped around with quite a few fin combinations in it, my preference is the controller style fins from Indo fins in the rear, in combination with FCS GOODS-1 at the front, still lots of drive but also loose.

A lot of guys use the controller style front fins with the rear controller style fins, heaps of drive, but i found it a bit stiff.

BTW, your much better checking out the sweet or baked potato thread over in Firewire forum, heaps of info there on what fins works in the sweet/baked spud.

Speaking of these boards, i love and hate them, sometimes in certain waves ill have the time of my life and even some real good turns, while other times even when its small, im wishing i had more of a standard board, I also find it really messes with my surfing going from these kind of boards then back to a more standard kind of board really throws my surfing out.


You can also buy them new on ebay, i had no probs dealing with them, took about a week to get here, there not as perfect finish as a factory finished fin, but I was still pretty impressed with the finish.

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fitzroy-21 Saturday, 28 Sep 2013 at 2:26pm

Nice link, thanks Indo.

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uncle_leroy Sunday, 29 Sep 2013 at 12:33pm

Cheers lads
I'm currently mixing it up with k3's and G-AM's on my normal short boards.
Would it be possible to run the G-AM's as my outside fins and then get 2 controller rears ?
Or would this be leaving the board not reaching its full potential and better off with a full set of controllers ?
Borrowed a mates sweet potato for a couple of days which had a very basic fin set and was really impressed by the speed of these boards in very average waves. Can't wait for it to fly with the right fins.
Thanks again guys,

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indo-dreaming Sunday, 29 Sep 2013 at 4:56pm

Id just get the complete set of controllers, so you can mess around with different combinations, a lot of guys run the complete set of controllers and like them and it sure does fly with the bigger controller front fins in, but I just found it a bit stiff, I tried it with k,3 in front with controller copy rears, but IMO it was a bit to loose/slidey and lacked the drive of a bigger stiff fin.

Fins are such a personal thing though, what I found worked you may not, if you rode your friends sweet potato and liked the fin combination he was running why don't you ffind out what he was using and get the same?

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indo-dreaming Wednesday, 2 Oct 2013 at 8:21pm

Yeah id imagine the controller style fins would work real well in wally fast (but not hollow) down the line point break style waves, strangely enough i actually enjoyed my baked potato in head high waves, not hollow but at a poor mans mellow mini sunset kinda reef break.

I actually find quads in general tend to out run sections in short punchy waves or where i live a lot of our waves you are often doing multiple cut backs waiting for sections to wall up, i find in these kind of waves on quads i also often miss the best sections as im not surfing as much top to bottom as i would on a thruster.

The thing i find real hard though about quads is going back to ridding a thruster as they just feel so slow almost like im dragging a middle fin, ive actually gone to ridding a nubster on my quads which i think helps bridge that transition a little.