Swellnet App for Android

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wason started the topic in Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 at 12:50pm

I've been wishing for a swellnet app for my android phone for a long time. I just wanted to click on something on my home screen and go straight to the eyeball report on torquay. I've found a solution.

Step 1: make a bookmark on google chrome to the swellnet page of your choice
Step 2: Add a google 'Bookmarks' widget (this is stock android)
Step 3: Choose 1x1 widget
Step 4: Choose your previously saved swellnet bookmarked page and where you want to put it.

you can repeat this process for all your favorite breaks. Maybe this was obvious but I'm pretty exited here. Anyone else have other suggestions to quickly get an eyeball report on Torquay?