Hurley Pro Trials Dane V Cam Richards

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roubydouby started the topic in Thursday, 1 Aug 2013 at 12:53pm

Anyone else checked out this match up in the Hurley Pro Trials?

On the one hand Cam's surfing seems beautifully aesthetic and crisp, though without being radically unique. On the other hand the Dane fan-boys will froth on Dane because he is the Messiah of surfing's counter-culture

Mind you, the more I watch Dane's the more I seem to like it.

At the moment Cam's nosing ahead on points - are people sick of the industry man and want to see a hungry young kid in the event?

Does the aesthetic win over the creative? Is true beauty deeper than face value and Dane's creative approach is just under appreciated?

Will Cam's less creative style stand out amongst the WCT lads?

Will the industry allow an unknown to win when the sponsorship value of Dane in the mix is somewhat material?

Thoughts, opinions?

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stunet Thursday, 1 Aug 2013 at 3:03pm

Ahhh...don't really care much myself but cruising online I feel I'm in the minority. People going nutty for Dane and the prospect he may not win this gig.

Young US pro Oliver Kurtz summed up the situation nicely: "Where the hell were all you idiots when the presidential elections went down......."

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thermalben Thursday, 1 Aug 2013 at 3:30pm

Does the surfing world need another series of drawn out popularity contests? I don't understand the point. Dane - despite being one of my favourite surfers - is fickle in a competitive setting. I'd rather see the highlights of his latest freesurfing sojourn.

But hey, I'm getting old.

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jughead Thursday, 1 Aug 2013 at 4:59pm

didn't Dane remove himself from the ASP world tour years ago?
and now he wants to be voted back in to this contest?

i hope he gets in,
only 'cause he beat Mason Ho,
who i would rather see in it.

popularity contest?
just go to facebook and see who has the most followers and put em in.
oh, then no one will click onto the hurley site. right. got ya

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thermalben Thursday, 1 Aug 2013 at 6:00pm

If the contest wasn't somewhere in the vicinity of Dane's hometown, I couldn't see him being a part of it.

I also don't think he necessarily 'wants' to be voted in - it's much more likely that Hurley requested his presence, due to his enormous popularity. Maybe they're offering an appearance fee? Or something similar to the 'freebies' offered to Slater to show up at the 2011 Telstra Drug Aware Pro in Margaret River. Who knows.

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roubydouby Friday, 2 Aug 2013 at 12:45pm

I'd imagine the life of a free surfer would be pretty uninteresting unless you were proactively hunting down swells and had a hunger for projects. Creating mediocre art in your down time might fill some gaps, but it wouldn't take much to feel disconnected from the professional surfing world.

Has there been much of a resurgence in Dane's competing?