wipeout at THE RIGHT

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davetherave started the topic in Thursday, 3 Jul 2014 at 12:21pm

Maybe they don't want to talk about it. But can anyone share any insight into that really really heavy wipeout at THE RIGHT. I was so hoping he was going to make that turn to straighten it out but then that thing done something that even scares the shit out of me thinking about it now.
What a legend. How Thick, How Big?
I can understand not wanting to put yourself through it, but if anyone was there and tell the story around the event, I would greatly appreciate it, it is the heaviest thing I have seen and I hope he is alright.
You guys inspire me big time, can't really get into watching any of that normal surfing anymore, you have me mesmerised, actually hard for me to comprehend how you do it,, makes me feel like i am a wuss- gunna have to take up knitting!!!!