Refractive eye surgery

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mrmik started the topic in Monday, 6 May 2013 at 8:55pm


have any of you had some sort of refractive eye surgery (Lasik etc) to get better vision while surfing?

I wonder if there are any downsides that only show up when surfing after such surgery (and that they might not tell you about in the glossy brochures...)

For example: Did it increase sensitivity to glare, salt spray and/or sunscreen running into the eyes?

How long after surgery before one can go surfing again?

Is the risk for eye injury in heavy wipeouts higher after surgery?

What else should one ask about before surgery?

Cheers, Mik

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sypkan Tuesday, 7 May 2013 at 8:05am

Hi mrmik,

Not sure what refractive eye surgery is, a bit ignorant maybe, because I have had some surgey. I had an artificial lens put in my eye to improve vision (not just for surfing!).

So, not sure this applies to you, but I am now definitely more sensitive to glare (not noticeable at the time when surfing) but later my eye (one) becomes very red and sore.

This also the case on very windy days, so not sure if that is salt spray or wind in general, probably both.

But I can defintely see better in general. however I seem to have lost some night vision, not good for those late sessions at crowded spots, like the pass, where the only time i can get a wave is just before dark!!

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amb Tuesday, 7 May 2013 at 8:43am

i had Laser eye surgery (not Lasik the other form) over 10 years, best thing i ever did. Was constantly losing contact lenses in the surf. For mine theres no down sides, no glare problems ect. I remember the first few years street lights had a spectrum effect but that is long gone. I think i was out of the water for 4-6 weeks but this is nothing in the long term. The only negative is the price it cost about $5k back then, but the cost of lenses and all the cleaning shit adds up as i'm sure you know.

Do your homework on where you get it done though.