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seabiped started the topic in Friday, 29 Mar 2013 at 7:02pm

Had a rather unpleasant incident today on the wonderful mid coast. Small pack of surfers in the line up most of the crew taking their turn, but as all crew do a set arrives everyone paddles out for the set. Myself and two others were a bit further out than the rest but I had prime position, no I didn't snake anyone and deplore snaking as a tactic. To the point.. I scored the wave, "Mr Popular" dropped in, I surfed around him and left him behind which I think he did not like too much as his comment was as I was paddling back out, do that again and I'll punch you in the face. Very mature. Initially when Mr Popular paddled he made sure to reinforce his presence and that he is a local. I bloody turning 50 this year and don't need aggro wingers having a sookie because he didn't get the wave. I've surfed this spot for many years and put up with guys catching set waves paddling straight back out and again to sit inside everyone! (and occasionally on mals too). When this happens I just try harder and paddle harder. If Mr popular wants to talk local my family history on the mid goes back to the early 60's.
Rant over.

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uplift Friday, 29 Mar 2013 at 9:35pm

Gidday seabiped, that story is a classic. Sorry to be a prick, but you have reminded me about how hilarious the mid can get. Surfing it is like being in the last group of desperadoes in a club at 3am, and being reduced to pitting yourself against other guys (and maybe gals), all for the the reward of...

In your situation, go down south, go to kings, and I'll guarantee that you will never see or hear any of the mid and 'bay' specialists again.

One of the saddest moments in the general history of South Australia and thus Australia, a day that will haunt the respectability of the state forever, was when a pack of bunny hopping mid and 'bay' specialists and legends some how fooled everyone into getting to Margies for the Australian Titles, and were then reduced to hopping around in previously unsurfed areas of white water, only feet from the shore. Meanwhile every other state, amasingly even the eastern seaboard, surfed it out in pumping waves, miles from them. Take solace in the fact that hopefully you were not one of them.

Yet the bunny hop and wiggle is back bigger than ever, and has just been credited with wave of the day and a perfect score at Bells. (Warning don't watch the following if you suffer from heart conditions or are unable to cope with extremes of athletic excitement, or if you are prone to falling asleep at the drop of a hat)

Here we go, brace yourself sports fans, oho, oho, BOOOOM!

Sorry again seabiped.