traffic rules for paddling back to the line up.

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lonesurfa started the topic in Thursday, 26 Apr 2012 at 4:48pm

The no-drop-in rule is well known as it is the surfer who is closest to the breaking wave that has right of way. This is definitely official, but what about a rule for getting out of the way of a surfer who is riding a wave while you are paddling back up. I find that there is a lot of grey area in this activity. I am no wave hog but I feel that there should be a universal rule for keeping out of the way that should be as well known as the no- drop-in rule. As a rule I paddle way out of the workable face of the wave so as I don't get in the way and if not possible I paddle and duck-dive the broken wave section whichever is the closest option. I find that there are some surfers that tend not to do this. It could be due to the non existence of a paddling back rule for all surfers. I have had some instances where I have to slalom surf instead of working the wave and I have had a couple of close shaves. I wonder if a paddling back rule would be possible on crowded breaks. I surf in Vic. where the crowd isn't as bad as qld. Any thoughts?

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blow-in-9999 Thursday, 26 Apr 2012 at 5:43pm

That was my lowdown when I was a grom. Sadly this isn't really the reality. I'd also extend it to people sitting too far inside (as in where you should paddle)...