fear vs ignorance

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niggly started the topic in Friday, 30 Sep 2011 at 1:46am

just watched the vid of the girl trying to paddle out on the ski and getting smashed into the rocks, although i laughed the whole way though it [ she did'nt get too hurt] i always wonder how people put themselves in these situations. i see many crew doing the same sort of thing at at a local rock hop.... many times have warned about the jump but they still persist in launching of the wrong spot at the wrong time usually smashing there board up and themselves. is this some kind of adrenaline filled rush where peeps just stop thinking and go for it no matter what [even though there obviously not ready for it. [the equivalent of me trying to paddle out on an 8 foot day ] or do they just not get the power of the ocean, i'd fuckin hate to be a life guard and deal with this insanity on a daily basis. cheers n peace