What is a local anyway?

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ricco started the topic in Saturday, 2 Jul 2011 at 12:30pm

A lotta talk about locals. But what is a local? Really?

If I was to surf in Cornwall now, fuckwits would give me shit for surfing their waves. But both my parents are Cornish. Traced all the way back over a thousand years. And yet cunts from London could give me grief cos they lived in Newquay for two summers.

Does this mean that blow-ins from London with their white VW Transporter vans get priority over me?

So really, as pertains to us. What about Aboriginal surfing rights? Does this mean a blow in of a few months gets fucked by some white trash with a few years cos their mom and pop fucked in Burleigh?

So what about the true blood of a region?

Seems to me that localism is card people play to get the waves, when it ain't even theirs in the first place.

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shaun Saturday, 2 Jul 2011 at 9:08pm

A local is something you will never be, cause you don't get it. "One Nation under god" pfft... Like most god botherer's you would most likely be the greediest person in the water where ever you surf.


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sezzasurf Thursday, 28 Jul 2011 at 9:40am

Hmm I reckon you count towards kinda being a local (if you didn't grow up surfing there), if you've put in a good few years and know a large majority of the other 'local's' surfing there, especially the older crew. You also need to live in the area or pretty close by. Aggghh who knows, I surf Snapper and the true locals here i.e parkinsons etc really have lived here and have 3 generations surfing at once! It's a never ending debate. I hate hearing in the water "fuck off cunt I'm a local born and bred", that makes me sick and I think what a fuckin douche, get over yourself!