Help needed. Need to get surfboard from Fiji to Sydney 3 Sep 2011. Anyone flying Pacific Blue?

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rihale started the topic in Sunday, 19 Jun 2011 at 10:40am

I'm flying home from Fiji with Jetstar on 3 Sept 2011 @ 4pm after a week surfing @ Tavarua.
I have just discovered they will not take my board due to length (7ft).
I'm also reaching dead ends with regard to unaccompanied baggage.

I would be willing to meet anyone flying PACFIC BLUE that day @ 3pm prior to trip to show them board (or even before hand in Sydney), pay any excess baggage and be at the airport to meet them / collect in Sydney + pay a small tip for the service.
If you can help please email [email protected]

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scoopmaster Monday, 20 Jun 2011 at 4:51am

bit of a long shot i must say, no one wants to be the next schapelle corby and take your surfboard and whatever else you stuff in there through customs for your gratitude and a "small tip" . Can i suggest that you purchase a one way ticket for your board, and continue to slot it deep inside cloudbreak or restaurants until the inevitable happens and you end up snapping your board - thereby solving your problem of how to get it home, and also removing any excuse to shoulder hop during the week you are there.