Over enthusiastic dangerous surf condition warnings.

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foamballpilotking started the topic in Saturday, 14 May 2011 at 3:45am

WTF is up with the bureau of late???

It seems every time the swell gets over 2ft( and sometimes when it doesen't, such as today) the bureau are tripping over themselves to add dangerous surf conditions into every possible forecast.

Lets go over their recent track record.

Today, coastal foreast says swell increasing to 3-4metres in the arvo, it is now the arvo and swell is no where to be seen? 2ft max.

A few weeks ago the bureau forcasted "dangerous surf" for 5 consecutive days, however all but one of those days was struggling to reach 4ft? 4ft is NOT dangerous for even semi experienced wave riders and would not even get the KING out of bed in the morning.

Perhaps they should change the wording to dangrous for rock fishing only if fishermen cant swim and they are fishing on an exceptionally low ledge, after several beers and a poor nights sleep. I am the KING and it is MY job to decide when the surf is dangerous, perhaps the bureau should refer to my size guide which can be found here.


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bigwayne Saturday, 14 May 2011 at 6:39am

mr "son", lets get one thing straight from the get go,, one is the king you are my "son" and one thinks that one the one !!!?? and you being my "son" one has given you the "power" to claim peeridge, although your questions about the weather and those that forcast , are valid they are somewhat misguided, these people are not at our level of intellect nor capability of understanding of mother nature and you take them to task for their mistakes? it is your responsibility as royalty to be able to see the difference and adjust accordingly so as to guide the unruly lower classes. let the minions fight it out at redsands you know that thay only aspire to be where we find our goodsevles in our surfing lives. they secretly love us "son" but they dont admit it!!. anyhoo......

please "son" remember to call your "mother" mrs bigwayne for mothers day she thinks that you dont care anymore..... ow...ow..ow ok mrs bigwayne, "son" tell your mother to stop hitting oneself and "call" her she misses you!

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rasda Saturday, 14 May 2011 at 10:41am

it 'Always' says dangerous, as is only roight

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Craig Saturday, 14 May 2011 at 1:37pm

Dunno where you were this afternoon pioltking but I was in a semi-protected southern corner during the early afternoon today and was surfing 3-5ft waves. The other and of the beach, more exposed to the south swell would of been bigger again. To me the dangerous surf warning was valid this afternoon and should remain so tomorrow morning.

And better to be safe then sorry? There's nearly 1 death every time the surf gets over 5ft in Sydney I notice, which is a shocking record :(