Fluidzone: Swellnets neglected cousin

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i-u-brawn started the topic in Monday, 9 May 2011 at 4:13am

I count at least 10 swellnet features on the recent east coast big swell.

How many features on fluidzone.com? Zero! you wouldn't even know there had been any east coast swell.

Good luck if you wanted to see some booger action from shark island for instance , but sure, theres a dozen pics of standup heros at the island if you want to visit swellnet. Phil Gallager pumps out some great shots but he can't be everywhere at once, its insulting to my intelligence to think you can run fluidzone with just one single photographer.

It pisses me off that you just shafted us onto another site and left it for dead. The newspage http://www.fluidzone.com/news is a dedset joke.

The inevitable reply will be; "oh, but fluidzone just doesn't get the traffic to justify the resources". Yeah because it is shit and all the boogers just go to swellnet anyway and put up with your blatant self-centred prejudice, because thats the only way to see recent waves being surfed.

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stunet Monday, 9 May 2011 at 4:27am

its insulting to my intelligence to think you can run fluidzone with just one single photographer.

By: "i-u-brawn"

Hey Briney,

Phil Gallagher has left Fluidzone, Doc Lachlan runs it now. I'll get Doc to come in and answer your problems because your intelligence is beyond me.

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Doclach Monday, 9 May 2011 at 6:22am

Hi i-u-brawn,

Like Stu, I'm wondering what you're getting at exactly.

There have been two East coast galleries from the current run of swell, along with several Daily Frames from the current swell. The DF's have a fair few Shark Islands in them from the current run of swell, yes - but that is a good thing I would reckon. there are others from the current East coast swell , but not Shark island. Our policy is not to say where they are of course.

Recent interviews in the FZ news page include Hardballs, Bennet, Finlay, Lee Kelly, Greg Taylor on IBA heat and judging criteria, Nick Ormerod, Benny Player, Michael Novy and some store and prem updates.

Not quite "left for dead".... If there is something specific you are after, let us know (preferably in reasonable terms). Always happy to cater where we can.