cant swellnet afford adult wages?

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roolf started the topic in Friday, 18 Mar 2011 at 1:15am

I obviously like and use your website but the Victor Harbor surf report drives me insane.

Either you have some school kid who does not know the meaning of surf terms, he is some talk it up hype master, or he is sarcastic bastard (I wish).

Today for instance Victor "is suffering morning sickness". does a week of onshore slop that has no chance of cleaning up for probably another week count as morning sickness? now the poor little bugger has probably never been anywhere where the term has meaning, but if u dont understand the term dont use it!

Another eample, he shows photos with captions such as "todays charger is blah blah blah" then there is a photo of some chick standing up on 1 ft. choppy wave (behind the white water even)hype hype hype.

I dont want to ruin the little buggers day, but day after day of this rubbish is wearing me down, Swellnet it appears you can afford a real wage.

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thermalben Friday, 18 Mar 2011 at 1:27am

roolf, as you can appreciate, our surf reporters come from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of enthusiasm.

As a former daily surfer in the Victor Harbor region, I personally was far more excited than any of my mates about surfing the regularly crappy waves on offer. It's all in the eye of the beholder - one surfer's slop is another surfer's perfection. It takes a lot of enthusiasm to get up every morning down south when you know there's a high chance it'll be onshore and crappy... again. But, that's just the way things are on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

For the record, our Victor Harbor reporter is Max Longhurst - a very talented surfer who's more than qualified to provide daily commentary on the state of the surf along the South Coast. However, Maxie is often on the road (ie he was competing at the Newcastle Surfest this week), so we have a couple of fall back guys that are used in his absence.

Anyway, I'll pass on your comments to the surf reporting team, and see if we can tighten things up.